Managing Change
Gaining Perspective
Working Inclusively

Change can be positive or painful, (sometimes both). An outside view from someone who does not take over but guides the conversation can make a big difference to where you end up.


What is the best way for you to take things forward? Are you at the beginning, or a long way down this road? The principles are the same, just the context needs to change.

Relating our own experiences, understanding both the reality of now, where you need to be, and creating a safe space to share is key to both the individual experience, and any future strategy that gets put in place.

Have you seen the difference this makes when it is at the heart of how you work? If so, do you want to build on that to see where that brings you?

A commitment to see everyone as capable of contribution is the basis for a shift in mind-set that can contribute to huge progress, if it is sensitively facilitated, and systematically followed up. It can't be a one off - it needs to be part of the culture.

How do you  measure differences in power? How do you encourage contribution in a stable meanigful and ethical way? Tel 07388 397074

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