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I have been working with people in Health and Social Care since 1987 in First Sector, Third Sector and community settings. I work with people and organisations to develop plans and make meaningful changes happen. Based in Aberdeen, Scotland, I work across the UK.


Over the years I have worked on developing my knowledge and understanding, but my values and approach to people haven't really altered.


A lot of people who have known me over the years say to me "You haven't changed". Which would seem to be an odd thing to celebrate, when you are all about change.... bear with me! 


I have had a variety of roles from working direct with people on the receiving end of a variety of labels, to managing and leading services, development of new ways of working, setting up groups and organisations, facilitation and learning. Within all these settings, I have expanded my experience and the range of tools I use, but my core beliefs have not changed -


Values Led - Not Process Led

I have always been an activist, pressing for people's rights and the development of more progressive support options. There is need for a clear process that ensures people know what they are doing, but that should be minimal, and shouldn't restrict the quality of the work people are able to do.


I will work on your agenda, not shoehorn you into mine. However I will keep asking questions about how things fit together and the outcomes. 


Able to Get the Best Out Of People


I support Stephen Covey's assertion that "Trust comes out of Trustworthiness", I believe in honesty and creating a safe environment for contribution from everyone. I understand the value and power in really inclusive working.

Positive and Practical


I know what people have achieved when the combination of environment, honesty, culture, belief and trust.

I don't do pipe dreams, I will be honest about how hard it will be to make some things happen in the most effective and sustainable way. 

Committed to Lasting Change

Change happens constantly, but lasting progressive change that makes a real difference can be fragile. 


I can help you put in place the things that will help you stay on track and keep faith in the values and the process through the difficult transitions.

More Than a Sum of It's Parts - Joining The Dots

I help people identify links often beyond what they were originally looking at.


Most people value that, but for some people big change can be scary. I go at the person or organisation's pace, and it's everyone's choice how far they go.



alastairminty@gmail.com Tel 07388 397074

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